A replacement for your gelatin that is all natural

carrageenanPolysaccharides is the biological name for the red seaweed extract that is used in our food item and also as a thickening agent as a vegan change for people who use gelatin. The extract was first used in the 18th century by the Irish as a medicine to cure lung and breathing disorders. For years this product has been an additive for food items, any food that requires thickening up can use this extract, it is most commonly used in milk based drinks and chocolate and due to it low taste and odor characteristics it blends easily with the other ingredients.

The practical usage of red seaweed extract is enormous

This red seaweed is found in the ocean near Ireland and extend up to New England in USA, due to the abundance supply of this extract this ingredient is priced reasonably and the best part is that it isn’t processed and all natural when used. Another variant of this same product was seen in Philippines however there is a slight change in the characteristics of the sea weed. Red algae are the source for this extract on the seaweed hence many companies are producing various variants of this product for us to use.

The best natural thickening ingredient in the market

The processing of this extracts happens in a facility in Philippines and is an accepted replacement for the natural carrageenan. The product made by them is used in various food making industries, from ice creams, cakes, chocolates and also bring the moisture in meat. Researchers have also found out that it can be used for the reduction of friction during sex as it acts like a lubricant. Its anitmicrobial properties ensure that there is bacterial and fungus growth in our abdomens. It plays as an important part in the HIV preventing drug.