Relive your childhood days once more

A crossword is a word puzzle that normally takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares. The main goal of such game is to fill the white squares with alphabets in the intention of forming words or phrases. One can be able to do that by solving the related clues provided which automatically will be leading towards the answer. Not only English it can be played according to an individual’s suitable languages. In such language which is written from left to right, the answer word and phrases are placed in the grid from left to right and from top to bottom. The black shaded squares are used to separate the words or phrases from each other.crossword quiz answers

Brief history

The first crossword puzzles which known to be published is by a journalist Sir Arthur Waynne, from Liverpool. His crossword was way more different from the crossword this generation is playing. Arthur’s crossword was published in the New York Time in 1913, December 21st. Now, we are being habituated playing crossword in square shape his crossword was in the shape of diamond. It is one of the most popular word scrabble game now a days. From every known news paper to magazines, from blogs to e mags every possible publication publishes this game. There will be a crossword world tournament every year and thus it is gaining its popularity.

It can be played at leisure time. One interesting fact about crossword is it has been banned at the Second World War from many of the countries to prevent passing of war theories secretly in terms of codes to the enemies. So if you are blessed with twisting and turning the words and playing with such and your favorite pass time is crossword quiz answers then play such your heart out.